Cabaña Antünei | Buckfast and Carniolan queen bee breeders

Queen bee breeders

Buckfast and Carniolan queen bees

We are Buckfast and Carniolan queen bee breeders. Our company works together with INTA-Bariloche in order to evaluate and keep the right characteristics of the genetic line.

We offer high-quality queen bees, genetically selected, for the development of healthy bees capable of achieving an excellent production of honey, propolis and pollen. They are also fit for efficient pollination of fruit trees, vegetables and oilseed plants.

Queen bees are delivered marked according to the international color code.The delivery of Queen bees to the domestic market is carried out by bus companies or through a commission agent, from October 20.

Our queen cells will be available from late September to late February. The cells include bees and are sent by bus or delivered at our premises.

Buckfast queen bees

Buckfast bees are a hybrid breed achieved through crossing subspecies of western mellifera bees (Apis Mellifera).

This queen bee is used by beekeepers all over the world. This selection has special characteristics of two types of breeds: ligustica and mellifera.

Karl Kehrle, also known as Brother Adam, (1898-1996), in charge of the beekeeping activity in Buckfast Abbey (England), performed numerous crossings until the creation of this bee resistant to disease. This vigorous hybrid is known by beekeepers as the Buckfast bee.

Natural replacement of queens is less frequent in hybrids and they produce between 20% and 30% more than pure breed bees.

Antünei mother bees come from European breeders and we perform the selection meassuring hygenic behavior, prolificity and productivity parameters.

Carniolan queen bees

Carniolan bees come from Slovenia and are fit for cold areas. They also pass through a good wintering period.