Cabaña Antünei | Buckfast and Carniolan queen bee breeders

Queen bee breeders

About us

We are a beekeeping company which started to operate as a group of the rural program Cambio Rural, with the assistance of a technician appointed by INTA (National Agricultural Technology Institute). This enabled us to progress in technical aspects until we became a production center of live material where all the processes are systematized so as to offer beekeepers high-quallity live material.

SENASA has granted us the corresponding certification according to the regulations in force and therefore, all health inspection requirements for domestic and foreign market are complied with.

Early and constant offer of pollen with great biological value allows the production of queens of excellent composition and development thanks to the flowering of the peach tree, almond tree, cherry tree, plum tree, pear tree, apple tree and further floral benefits coming from the wilds, such as Chilean palo verde (chañar), jarilla and alpataco plants.

Our company performs multiplication and selection of Buckfast and Carniolan Queens.

The mother bees come from European breeders and the selection is carried out according to hygenic behavior, prolificity and productivity parameters.

Quality control is made on queen bees so as to select the best mothers adapted to different regions.

We market all over the country and since 2010 we export to Europe.

You can know more about us through this interview to María Cristina Gómez, made by EmprenderTv (in Spanish)