Cabaña Antünei | Buckfast and Carniolan queen bee breeders

Queen bee breeders

Exports of fertilized Buckfast and Carniolan queen bees

From 2010 now, we export Buckfast and Carniolan queens.

Therefore, we comply with all the necessary requirements.


Our breeding farm receives health inspections twice a year, in spring and autumn, carried out by a health inspector qualified by SENASA.

In the export season, controls are made every month. Moreover, samples are taken and sent to the SENASA Bacteriology Coordination Department in Martínez, Buenos Aires. This entity issues the health certificates to export queen bees.

Argentina is a country free of the small hive beetle (Aethina tumida) and Tropilaelaps mite.

We comply with the health animal legislation of the European Union, and N 23/07 Resolution N 23/07 Resolution of Mercosur Secretariat for transport of live beekeeping material, Appendix I and II.

Exportacion de reinas